Sarah Vincent“Helping Students Rise from the Ashes of Burnout” (with Tracie Mahaffey) at the American Association of Philosophy Teachers Conference (July 2022)

“Liquid Syllabus: Worth the Effort or Should We Pour It Down the Drain?” (with Jessica Kruger) at the Conference on Instruction & Technology (May-June 2022)

“Evidence of Cognitive Empathy in Non-Human Animals (and Why a Philosopher Cares)” at the UB Cognitive Science Colloquium (May 2022)

“What is Art?” at The State University of Buffalo (May 2021)

“Getting CCOMFE in Times of Crisis” (with Tracie Mahaffey and Marcela Herdova) at DIRECTO’s Symposium on Diversity & Inclusion in Research & Teaching (September 2020)

“The Van Gogh Problem: On the Limits of Authenticity” (Keynote Address) at the Northeast Florida Student Philosophy Conference (April 2019)

“Neurodiversity and Neurocosmopolitanism” at the UNF Neuro Speaker Series (April 2018)

“Diversity and Leadership” at the NRHH/RHA Banquet (April 2018)

“Is Death Bad for You?” at Florida State University (Feb. 2018)

“Is Death Bad for You?” at the North Florida Philosophy Slams (September 2017)

“The Animal Sciences Meet Animal Ethics” (with Kristin Andrews and Rebecca Ring) at the Canadian Philosophical Association Congress (May 2017)

“Are Chimpanzees Socially Enactive?” at the International Conference on Comparative Cognition (April 2017)

“Species of Normativity: Normative Practices of Other Animals” at University of North Florida (March 2017)

“On the Moral Actions and Moral Communities of Nonhuman Animals” at the Florida Philosophical Association Conference (November 2016)

“Death’s Harm and the Subject’s Life” at York University (June 2016)

“Interspecies Intersubjectivity: On its Possibilities and Limitations” at the Southwestern Philosophical Society’s Meeting (November 2014)

“On the Myth of the Mental (Illness)” at the Northwest Philosophy Conference (October 2013)

“Zoo Hermeneutics and Non-Human Animals” at the Midsouth Philosophy Conference (February 2013)